Unbelievably friendly and warm staff who gladly gave expert travel advice and recommendations that only a Roman would normally be privy to. - Loic Diels
I LOVE this website and will gladly recommend it to anyone headed this way. Nothing disappointed us! - Mary-Iris Taylor
I have been using Cross-Pollinate for about 10 years now. The service is consistently great and I can always find just the kind of apartment we like, at the right price. - Hirani Himona
A really great idea - with a network of hand picked little rooms/guesthouses. If only we could have this in more city destinations! - Zoe Buck
I love Cross-Pollinate and every time we go to a new city I look to see whether they have some accommodations over there. - Arantza Aldea
The two places I have stayed at from Cross-Pollinate have been among the best across Europe. Highly recommended. - Nicholas Burn
Thanks a lot to Cross-Pollinate for the opportunity to experience a city as an insider! We really enjoyed our stay in Rome and Venice and look forward to more. - Tatiana Marchenko
Cross-Pollinate was very helpful when the owner of the B&B wanted to charge us for the baby under 2 y o. It would have been difficult without them since the owners did not speak any english. - Yulia Pichugina
This was our only stay with a C-P apartment and we were very pleased with the entire process. Will look to use them again on our next Europe trip! - Anthony Giglio
Great web site and quick response from the team a CP made the whole experience easy and hassle free. I have already recommended CP to quite of few of my airline industry colleagues and I'm sure they will make use of their excellent service. - Shane Pickles
Cross-Pollinate was extremely helpful! They found us a place to stay in our price range when many other places of business couldn't help us. - Sarah Seminutin
Cross-Pollinate was very easy to use, and it is so much better to stay in places like these than big corporate hotels; you get a much better feel for the place. - Kaspar Deane
Very straight forward. Well done. Definitely would use it again. Love these type of alternatives to hotels! - John White
Cross-Pollinate was fantastic and easy to use. We used Cross-Pollinate to book a room in Florence (the second leg of our trip), which was everything I thought it would be. We have recommended Cross-Pollinate to our friends. - Barbara Carlin
Cross-Pollinate are great - the descriptions are accurate and they are very responsive to questions. - Dominique Bayne
Cross Pollinate was just the best. I had tried a couple of places before coming upon them. As soon as I sent the first email I stopped looking for any more websites. I just wish they expanded to every city in Europe. Their knowledge, helpfulness, etc. was second to none. - Caroline Collis

why work with us

  • High visibility – We have high visibility, a great reputation in the travel industry, and are well-respected and trusted.
  • Exclusivity – We stay small intentionally and personally choose and inspect all properties listed.
  • Service – We handle all guests' questions and concerns.
  • Relationships – Our small size allows us to develop strong relationships with each owner rather than simply providing an enormous list of anonymous owners and properties we know nothing about.
  • Low maintenance – Update your calendar and respond to requests, and we handle everything else.
  • Support – We can help mediate any problems that might occur for you and our guests, without a language barrier.
  • No sign-up fee – No contracts. If you are dissatisfied with our service for any reason, you can ask to be removed from our site at any time with no obligation other than to honor previously confirmed reservations.
  • Community – As part of our community of property owners, you can receive discounts for stays at other member properties.
  • Mediation – In the event of a "no show" or late cancellation, we pay the penalty directly to you and handle any disputes about charges.
  • No options – We only notify you of new reservations that you can accept or refuse - we do not ask you to hold "options" while we check back with guests.
  • For more information, contact us at info@cross-pollinate.com


Would love to find a partner to help us reach independent travelers in China and Korea.  If you're fluent in either of these languages, and have a good knowledge of European travel, let's talk!