Un Punto Macrobiotico in Rome (San Lorenzo)

As much as Italy is an amazing place for foodies, it can by challenging to get away from all the pizza and pasta.  Apart from Indian food, of which there are some good ones around Piazza Vittorio and in Monti, the ethnic scene in Rome has never been all that exciting (and often overpriced). Un Punto Macrobiotico is almost exactly how I like to eat – a bit of this, a bit of that, all healthy and fresh with some variety of flavors, while keeping local and avoiding pretentiousness.

Located in the San Lorenzo university neighborhood about a 15-minute walk from Termini train station, this little shop and restaurant is very casual, a bit cafeteria-like but without the grunge.  The best deal is a “piatto” mix that comes with 2 cereals, 2 vegetables and 1 legume for €8 (comes with hot, green tea as well).  They also have yummy fried savory croissants stuffed with olive paté.  There is a bit of fish, but otherwise it’s vegetarian and vegan-friendly.  To keep costs low it’s set up as a cultural association, so you have to “sign up” and get a membership card to take advantage of the €8 price tag.  But it’s a painless procedure (and they aren’t militant about checking on it either).  They’re a bit weird about taking photos though (hence only the one from outside), and I don’t love the use of paper/plastic ware, even if they do recycle it, but take my word for it – very good food and worth going out of your way when you need something like this.

Un Punto Microbiotico – Via dei Volsci, 121

Open 12 to 3:30 pm for lunch and 7pm to 9:30pm for dinner.  Closed Sunday.

by Steven Brenner

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