Travelling with a Baby in Venice

With all the bridges and canals, Venice can be difficult to navigate with strollers.  On narrow streets, crowded with tourists, it can be tough for two people, one at the front and one at the back, to carry strollers up and down the many stairs before and after bridges.  When traveling with kids, we always recommend a self-catering apartment – meal times in Italy are pretty strict, and it’s nice to be able to opt out of eating in restaurants 2-3 times a day.  Plus, apartments will mean more space to spread out.  Some rentals are well-equipped with baby things (although not always in great condition).  Others are totally barren in the kid-friendly department.

Our friends in Venice, and also owners of B & B Casa delle Rose on Venice Lido, have started a service called Venice Baby Rental to help take away some of the pain of traveling with kids.  Visitors can rent pushchairs (strollers), high chairs, cots, baby carriers, even sheets and barriers to add to beds so the little ones don’t fall off at night.

Prices are very reasonable, on average 10 euro a day.  If you’re visiting Venice, check them here.  They’ll deliver and pick up to wherever you’re staying too!  Anything that makes life easier when traveling with kids gets a big thumbs up from me.

by Steven Brenner

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