Yoga in the Marais

On a recent trip to Paris I decided I needed to fit some yoga into my busy schedule of seeing apartments and meeting owners. I don’t know what compelled me, as I don’t even keep up a practice regularly at home. I literally arrived at Orly airport around 5pm and took a taxi straight to the Yoga du Maria Center for a 6:30pm class, suitcase and all.

Sounds a bit fanatical, I know.  The truth is, I prefer to think of Paris as a big red wine and chocolate eclair retreat rather than a place to cultivate inner balance.  But aren’t vacations a good opportunity for breaking out of normal routines? It’s a great time to not just see the sites but to also try and incorporate other practices that at home we’re too busy, or too distracted, to do. Plus, it’s fun to do familiar activities in foreign cities and see how they compare.

The owner of the center, Michelle, is an American expatriate who’s been Paris for ages.  She and her other teachers conduct a nice range of classes every day in the Hatha style.   They’re located centrally at 72, Rue du Vertbois in the 3rd Arrondissement.  More info, as well as their schedule and prices, can be found on their website here.

by Steven Brenner

2 thoughts on “Yoga in the Marais

  1. Thanks for the tip! But, the link doesn’t seem to work …
    I have posted a link to your great blog on mine,


  2. Thanks for pointing that out – I’ll have a look now. I’m putting together a list of “sites we like” for our blog and yours will surely be on it too.

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