Where to leave bags for the day in Rome

When you rent a vacation rental it can often be a problem what to do with your bags before you can check in (usually around 3pm) and after you check out (normally around 11am) when you’re leaving the city later in the day.  I just discovered this service, near Termini station, that will not only store your bags for a small fee, but they’ll come and collect them at any point in Rome (station, B&B, apartment, etc) and will deliver them to you where you need them next.

Bags Free
Via del Castro Pretorio, 32
email:  info@bags-free.com
(+39) 366 26 76 760 (office hours are 8:00am to 8:00pm every day, holidays included)

4 thoughts on “Where to leave bags for the day in Rome

  1. Thank you very much for your review of our service. We have been operating in Rome, Brindisi, Lecce but soon we will open our offices in other cities of Italy.
    We hope to be useful again.

    Luca Zacchi of Bags-Free

  2. this is GREAT news
    I spent hrs trying to find a place for the week I was goind out of rome………….had to stay at a hotel who would keep my bag for my return….the station is expensive and has a limit on the number of days

    in Florence MBE on via della Scalla keeps bags for a week at a time for less than a day at the station!

    thanks so much for this tip

  3. My daughter and I will be needing to store our luggage for a few hours end September. Is there any storage places for luggage at Osiense Train Station and at Santa Maria Novella Train Station – these are the two railway stations we will be using. Thanks

  4. At Santa Maria Novella there’s a luggage storage facility but I don’t believe Ostiense has one, nor do I know of any private ones around there. However, the bon-bags.com company will come and collect them and store them for you and deliver them later wherever you need them.

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