Travel Baby – kid gear and babysitting services in Rome

by Amy Knauff

Baby gear – what to bring and what to leave at home when visiting Rome?  You don’t want to be lugging around a bunch of extra stuff, and you really can’t count on your accommodation having anything other than an extra crib (you can forget about cabs having car seats either).

Some “mom friends” have brought to our attention a great service called Travel Baby. They offer portable cribs, high chairs, different kinds of strollers, car seats, baby carriers, and even diapers and sheet sets for cribs. Their rates for each are based on number of days (there is one fee for 1-3 days; another fee for 4-7 days; and another fee for 2 weeks). They drop off and pick up your rental items for free directly at your hotel, B & B, or apartment.

They also offer babysitting services for those who need a little break from the kids (or kids who need a break from museums!). Upon request, they can find you an Italian- or English-speaking babysitter and rates vary from hourly to daily to even weekly.

For a similar service in Venice, follow this link.

One thought on “Travel Baby – kid gear and babysitting services in Rome

  1. Hi,
    I want to know you a new company to rent equipment for children in Rome.
    Simplify your travel by leaving the baby gear at home and having Rome Baby Rentals greet you at your hotel or holiday apartment in Rome with all of the equipment your family may need!

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