What to do with leftover foreign coins

It always bugged me that you could only exchange paper money (for a steep fee) after a trip, and got stuck with the coins.

TravelersBox are placing these orange machines in departure gates at airports around the world, which offer a solution for leftover change at the end of your trip. An easy way to deposit foreign coins and bills directly into online products, like PayPal, Skype, iTunes – or you can simply donate it.

Just before you get on the plane back home, hit the TravelersBox machine near the gate, choose where you want the money to go, and the deposit is done.

So far, the machines are available in Turkey (Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara), Milan Italy, and Tbilisi Georgia, with big plans to get them in many more airports.

Sure beats a full jar of mixed coins!

Get Buzzed with the new Bee-O-Meter

We always thought bee culture was a great metaphor for our travel philosophy. In the beginning, we started with our hotel, The Beehive. When demand outgrew our little ‘hive’, and we started spreading around the business to other small establishments, it was obvious that we would call this service Cross-Pollinate.

In the real world of apiculture though, there’s some serious danger, and although Cross-Pollinate has nothing to do with horticulture, we think our relationship with the bees is strong enough to support this cause and want to spread the word about our friends at Your Garden Show.

Your Garden Show has joined forces with The Great Sunflower Project to help find out what is happening with our bees, because bees – in the wild, near farms, even in towns and cities – appear to be disappearing.

Bees are responsible for one third of all food in the U.S.A. Other important natural products, like medicines, also depend on a thriving local bee community. In monetary terms, bees are worth trillions of dollars. In human terms, they are crucial to our survival.

The Bee-o-Meter, a social media program developed to track our bee population, will launch at YourGardenShow.com on April 29, 2011. The Great Sunflower Project, with research sponsor San Francisco State University, has teamed with YourGardenShow.com to build the largest ever simultaneous, multi-point environmental bee pollinator data collection system.

For more information and to get involved and help our pollinators, click here.