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In 2000, riding a wave of success from our hotel The Beehive, we began Cross-Pollinate. The idea was to make it just as easy to book a private apartment or small B & B as it is to reserve a hotel. In 2000 this was innovative stuff, especially in Italy – a country that at the time was very behind on getting connected.

Over the years we’ve gone from a handful of places in Rome to a few hundred in over 6 amazing European cities (Rome, Florence, Venice, Paris, Barcelona, London), and soon to expand to another 4 cities (Berlin, Istanbul, Madrid, Lisbon).

As things grow and change, you have to change with them – so after a 2 year sabbatical in Bali, Indonesia and almost a year of redesigning, coding and debugging, we’ve completely redone our website and we want you to check it out and spread the word. We’ve even made a video, exploiting our “free talent”, the “Cross-Pollinate Bees”, to teach you how to “spread some pollen”. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it.

The travel industry is changing, and it won’t be long until the only options are the big, impersonal, corporate ones. As a small company, we need your support.

You can help by:

  • liking us on facebook or following us on twitter (or both)
  • blogging about us or linking to us from your site
  • joining our contact list so we can bug you in the future about other stuff!
  • sharing the above video so others can do the same
  • leave a review on tripadvisor or gogobot (and click “write a review” at the top)

Thanks for the support!

Steve, Linda, our sweet staff and our little bees

8 thoughts on “Spread Some Pollen

  1. Love the new website guys – really well done. Everything I thought it should have, it has! (different currencies, easily scroll through pics of properties – even when enlarged pics). I already recommend you wholeheartedly but it’s great that you’ve worked so hard on the new site – its something to be proud of for sure!! Loved the gorgeous video promoting it too :-) .

    Trudy from Australia

  2. Thanks Trudy – you’re the best! So much more in the works too, but I didn’t want to hold things up. In the coming months it should be one improvement after another. And, of course, AUD needs to be in there!

  3. Terry and I love the new website. We also love working with Cross Pollinate. Rented apartments in Rome through you in 2005 and 2010. We look forward to doing the same in other cities you now offer.

    Congratulations on the growth of the business and on those still beautiful little girls.

    Mary and Terry Austin (Brinette’s former neighbors)
    Manhattan Beach, CA

  4. Thanks Mary and Terry – Linda was just in LA for a wedding staying in Manhattan Beach. Next time we’re there, or you’re in Italy, we’ll have to get together, ok?

  5. Glad to hear from you. Yes, we used your booking services in Rome in 2005 and were very pleased with the results. Our accommodations were clean and modern and well located for walking distance to most sites we wished to see.
    Your website was easy to use with good photos of the accommodation sites. It is good to see you have expanded to other locations. A highly recommended service.

  6. This is absolutely adorable, and what a treat as I take a break from baking for Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to be back in Rome. Love to all of you!

  7. Loved our trip and accomodations in Rome and Venice in 2010- we tell everyone what a great service you offer. Looking forward to checking out the new design!

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