La Taqueria – Mexican street food in Rome

For expats in Rome, and some visitors as well, the lack of good Mexican food is a hardship.  After living here over 16 years, we’ve given up on certain foods we used to love – such as Mexican and Chinese, either not finding any of it edible, or not being able to justify the high price tag for something “exotic”.  All that changed today when I popped in to La Taqueria for lunch.

Located right around the corner from the Piazza Bologna metro station, it’s impossible to miss – the three large, bright, colorful windows that face the street are in bright contrast to the monochromatic neighborhood.  Once inside, I was struck by the creative design.  Plastic crates, tires, and old gasoline cans have all be repurposed to become suspension lamps, and plant holders.

The menu has all the basics – tacos made with homemade, corn, soft-shell tacos, stuffed with either meat or a vegetarian bean and soy version.  Nachos, made with their own fried corn chips, and burritos, either with meat or vegan option, wrapped up in homemade tortillas.  They make fresh guacamole, pico de gallo, and a variety of other salsas.

All in all, I was seriously impressed with how good it was, and found it affordable as well (from 6-8 euro for tacos or a huge burrito).  The owner, a young guy from Honduras who speaks perfect English, was super nice and helpful and added the perfect vibe to his lively and delicious little place.

La Taqueria
Via Giacomo Boni, 26
Metro:  Bologna (blue line)

Open from 12-3pm for lunch and 7-11pm all week (except Sunday at lunchtime)

3 thoughts on “La Taqueria – Mexican street food in Rome

  1. We ate at La Taqueria last month and it was just as great as you describe. Let me add that their class margarita was amazing; fresh lime juice, the perfect balance of sweet and sour, and good tequila. I’m so happy this restaurant exists since we miss Mexican food after moving here from California.

  2. Filetto di baccala.

    A dish of battered and fried cod fish that only Italians can make. It has no secret recipe but locals keep returning to this street food. The best shop that offers you baccala is Dar Filettaro.

    Pizzas from Pizzarium.

    While many people have helped evolve this world famous dish, no one did it better than Pizzarium. Even more important than toppings and spices is the making of the bread or the dough for baking pizzas. Pizzarium’s stone ground flour gives you the finest dough and no questions asked about extra cheese or extra toppings

  3. You know, I’m not a huge fan of Pizzarium. It’s good – no doubt, but I find it messy and a pain in the ass to eat. That, plus the high cost, and the fact that it’s far from me, makes it a place I’d almost never go to, unless I happen to be right there. I prefer lots of other pizzas actually.

    And the one in Termini at the Mercato Centrale isn’t as good, despite being a Bonci place.

    And speaking of the Mercato Centrale, there’s a guy who does amazing baccala there. I’ll have to try the one at Filettaro!

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