Left Luggage Florence – Where to Store Bags in Florence

We’ve just discovered a service in Florence that stores luggage for you – the only one in the historic center of the city! Just drop your bags off at their location a couple blocks from the Duomo and they’ll securely store the luggage for you and even drop it off for you at your accommodation — or you can pick it up at the same place, if you’re on your way out of the city. It’s open daily and costs €1/hour or €6/day.

Left Luggage Florence
Via de’ Boni 5R
Tel: +39 334 700 7714


3 thoughts on “Left Luggage Florence – Where to Store Bags in Florence

  1. this is a good alternative for weekends because MBX on via della scale (a few blocks from the train station) stores my luggage by the week for (last time) 10E…but they close at 7pm and are NOT open on wkends.

    from here they ship to my home or have sent it to other locations in Italy so i don’t have to drag the bag

  2. Hi Steve, I’m interested in storing luggage for about a week in Florence. What is MBX and do you have their full contact details…tel etc? Many thanks in advance. PS: I have taken note of ‘Left Luggage in Florence’.

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