Where to stay and eat in Milan

by Steven Brenner

Linda and I recently spent a few days in Milan to see the Dalai Lama.  We wanted to stay somewhere inexpensive and cute and not too far from the train station.  We found a great little apartment near Porta Garibaldi station and booked it on-line.  Although we don’t have any immediate plans to expand Cross-Pollinate to Milan, we’re often asked if we have any recommendations – and this place was definitely recommendable.

For about 120 euro a night you get a private apartment with air-conditioning, a nice bathroom, wifi, TV, and a kitchen.  The owner, Alessandra, bakes little cakes for tea time and has all the breakfast stuff you would need – bread to toast, milk, sugar, and an espresso machine.  From there, you can jump on the subway at Moscova to get anywhere in the city, or walk down the fashionable Corso Garibaldi, to the Duomo in about 20 minutes.

Porta Garibaldi B&B – viale Pasubio 8 – 20154 Milano tel: 02-29061419 cell: 335-8044030 bb@portagaribaldi.it


Food is good in Milan, but not cheap.  Our close friend, who’s originally Milanese, suggested we go to a restaurant called Al Pont de Ferr in his old stomping ground of the Navigli, the canal area of Milan, lined with hip places to eat and drink.

Normally, I really hate fancy food – I find the no frills, humble version to much more satisfying than a pretentious attempt at being creative with a dish that really doesn’t need to be improved.  But these guys at Pont de Ferr are seriously creative.  They do stuff I’ve never seen or tasted before.  Stuff that frankly would never even occur to me.

This is their take on an eggplant parmigiana:

an appetizer of red onion and goat cheese:

the dessert menu, which I like to translate as, “we’re not playing around with this dessert!”:

Al Pont de Ferr – Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 55 – Naviglio Grande, Milano tel: 02-89406277

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