How to make a perfect cappuccino at home.

Often, when people come to stay at our house, and we make them a morning cappuccino, they wonder what our secret is.  It’s not a fancy machine – it’s just a low-tech Bialetti moka and a simple stove-top milk frother.  Not only do we prefer the cappuccino we make at home to the local bar, but we travel with it too!

11 thoughts on “How to make a perfect cappuccino at home.

  1. So wonderful, but Steve, is a 6 year old suppose to be using the stove unattended and drinking caffeine? I could stunt her growth! You are a great filmmaker – and music in the background alla Woody Allen!
    p.s. love the pink robe!

  2. … and climbing a chair wearing slippers! Bear Grylls would not dare. I loved this little girl next clip: “How to make the perfect Mojito and get stoned with class”.

  3. Glad you liked it! Might have to pass on the suggestion for a follow up (although our other daughter makes a good gin and tonic – just not for herself!). If you have any PG rated ideas, I’d certainly consider them though!

  4. As a child, I wanted coffee in the morning. My italian mother always said it would stunt my growth.
    When I passed her on height – she gave up that thought then decided to tell me it would make my neck dark! That didn’t last long either. She eventually let me have coffee each morning!
    Loved the video, next time have her turn the back of the chair to the cabinet – that made me nervous!

  5. Don’t worry, I’d never put my actors in danger – that was a 20 year old professional stunt double that stepped up to the chair and all the fire elements were added in post-production!

  6. Fantabulous. I use the same method – probably the best milk frother on the planet and yours for far less than the $1000 versions which only work for about 22 cups worth

    …Now, if it could only be played during Prime Time TV like during Striscia la notizia episodes…So Italian boy-men can learn it too…

    One thing tho’ – you don’t fill base with water. You fill it up to the vent bolt thingamagig….!

  7. I enjoy watching your videos starring your kids. I didn’t realize that making a cuppuccino was so easy. What is the powder–chocolate or cinnamon?

  8. Hi Jake – glad you liked it! The brown stuff is actually coconut palm sugar. In Italy, sometimes cacao is put on top. Right now I’m in Portugal and here they use Cinnamon. I prefer without either but the food and beverage police certainly won’t bust you in Italy for using cacao. I’m not so sure about cinnamon….

  9. Where did you get your stove top milk frother?? Yours looks like me step moms and she tells me I can’t get it in the US!

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