Insider tip – i nasoni di roma

Sometimes when I travel, it’s the little insider discoveries that make my trip worthwhile. A perfect example of this are Rome’s drinking fountains, called the nasoni (big noses).

Originally installed in 1874, there are apparently more than 2500 of them, more than 250 of which are within the Aurelian walls in the center of Rome.

The trick is to plug up the bottom where the water comes out, forcing it to pop out the little hole on the top of the spout like a whale’s blowhole. Insta-drinking fountain.

Whenever I’ve pointed this out to visitors in the city, or nonchalantly used one when I knew they were watching, I could tell they were excited about it. So it’s not just me – there’s something magical that happens once you figure this out.

A piece of advice for those of you coming to Rome: don’t buy bottles of water from the overpriced carts. Just keep your bottle and fill it up at the nasoni. It’s cold. It’s clean. You’ll use less plastic, and it’ll make you look like you own the city.

To see the nasoni mapped on-line, check out this site, or this one.

Or, download the iphone app.

For a video demonstration, check out our info-video, starring Viola, Paloma and Margherita

by Steven Brenner

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